About the Course

Sport Studies, at Sheffield Hallam University, encourages you to think critically about sport. The Sport Studies course will introduce you to contemporary issues such as: media and communications, fandom, violence, inequality and mental health. It will encourage you to consider the role played by sport in addressing these issues.

Why Study Sport Studies? A Student’s Perspective

If you are passionate about sport, believe it has the power to have a positive impact on society and want to be involved in delivering that, this is the course for you.

Throughout your studies, you will be provided with a range of critical insights, creative thinking skills and reflective competences that will help you to develop your own approach to sport. As a result, you will become an independent thinker who is able to thrive in a rapidly changing sport industry.

Primarily the course offers a critically inquiring perspective that will enable you to become a constructive agent of change in sport and associated fields of employment.

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