RM2: Week 11 Reading, Videos and Lecture Slides “Reality, Consciousness and Key Terms”

Selected Reading

Priestley, M. (1998). Constructions and Creations: Idealism, materialism and disability theory. Disability & Society, 13(1): 75-94.


This paper suggests that a proper understanding of disability theory requires more than a distinction between individual and social model approaches. It is also helpful to distinguish between materialist and idealist explanations. These two dimensions are used to generate a four-fold typology which highlights important differences between the main approaches. Social models are distinguished as those premised upon commonality. However, it is argued that recent discourses of ‘difference’ do not detract from social model theory. Social model approaches are examined in more detail and the paper concludes that although social constructionist accounts have been useful they do not provide a sufficient level of explanation. Disabling social values reflect material relations of power and may be better explained as ‘ideology’.

The following videos were used in the lecture:

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Lecture slides are available on Shuspace.