Kevin Bingham

PhD, University Lecturer


What did you like about the course?

Overall, this was an unbelievable course. Each week I looked forward to engaging with new and interesting ideas. The classes acted as a platform towards being able to understand sport and society, in more ways than are perhaps first imaginable. It was a real privilege to have been taught by such a supportive and enthusiastic team of academics.

How did the course help you in your chosen profession?

Completing this course gave me a strong feeling of suitability for a career in academia and it opened up an opportunity to study in New Zealand. After finishing the course, I was inspired to advance my knowledge and understanding of theories relevant to sport and society and so I decided to have a crack at completing a PhD that was funded by the University of Otago. Now I have completed a PhD, my aim is to work towards publishing my work as a book and/or in peer-reviewed journals.