Kieran Wall

Para-Sport Community Development Manager, Paralympics New Zealand


What did you like about the course?

The opportunity think a bit deeper about sport. The course allowed me to reflect on the role sport plays in society and the impacts it has, both positive and negative on all of our lives, even those who may not participate or choose not to engage with sport.

How did the course help you in your chosen profession?

My role with Paralympics New Zealand is to: lead, develop and manage the Para-Sport Community Development Program. A large part of my role is collaborating with key sector partners; these partners can be anyone, from multinational commercial partners to regional clubs, disability support groups, and individuals. During my time at Sheffield Hallam, I was able to develop relationships with a range of people from a large range of backgrounds. Aside from my professional life, these skills were particularly useful when I first moved to New Zealand.

Notably, the course was able to develop my theoretical understanding of sport. This allowed me to generate a greater awareness of Para-Sport as well as work towards changing perceptions of disability. In addition, the course enabled me to gain a national leadership role within three years of graduation.