Mark Cummins

Business Development Co-ordinator, Sheffield Futures


What did you like about the course?

I really enjoyed the opportunity to think about sport differently, I play and watch sport considering myself to be a sports fan! However, I suppose I always assumed that the vast majority of people felt the same or had similar experiences of sport to me. The course taught me to adopt a critical approach and look at sport in different ways. The modules reflected this looking at things such as the media, deviance, the sociology of sport and leisure and communities. All of these areas touched on things much wider than sport that have really helped me in my professional career. I thought the course was delivered with an honesty that challenged my previously held opinions, this kept things interesting and challenging throughout the three years.

How did the course help you in your chosen profession?

On graduating I started a position with Rotherham United Community Sports Trust delivering community sport projects. My degree helped me understand the barriers faced by different groups, encouraging me to think of innovative ways to overcome them whilst adopting a non-judgemental approach. I progressed to a slightly different role which focused more on developing community projects and supporting funding applications. I now work as a Business Development Co-ordinator at Sheffield Futures which is a young people’s charity that provides mentoring and specialist support for young people that need it the most in Sheffield. My role involves developing the organisations income generation strategy and leading on new areas of work. My current role involves interpreting often complex information, understanding community trends and structuring formal funding applications and developing new strategies. I feel all of these areas were covered either directly or indirectly during my academic study even though it is coming up to 10 years since I graduated.