Matt Stone

Missionary and Trainee Teacher

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What did you like about the course?

For me, I really enjoyed the huge variety of modules we were able to study. We looked at community, media, psychology, crime and many other aspects of society while looking at how sport fits into these frameworks. Critically examining these areas was extremely interesting which involved a fantastic level of engagement with the academics that helped us learn from them.

How did the course help you in your chosen profession?

I was quite a shy and quiet individual before embarking on this course, however the constant debates and the presentations we gave really brought me out of my shell. This new found confidence has been the springboard behind my adventures abroad in Kenya and Peru for some missionary work. I plan to become a secondary school PE teacher and this course has given me the foundations to pursue this career. Understanding sports participation and the barriers that students feel they face, particularly during adolescence, will be invaluable when trying to inspire classes of this age group.