Sport Studies Seminar Series – Critical Conversations in Sport and Popular Culture

The Sport Studies team are proud to announce that they will be hosting a Seminar Series at Sheffield Hallam University in 2018. The series will invite renowned academics to present ongoing research within the discipline.

More information on the series can be found on the new ‘Seminar Series‘ tab via the Sport Studies website.

The first speaker will be Professor Karl Spracklen. Information on his presentation can be found here.

As Sport Studies students, you will be automatically enrolled. Seminar events will appear on your timetables. The best news, the event is free.

More importantly, the series is a great opportunity for you to see wider research within the discipline. This research will be invaluable for dissertation ideas as well as providing you with new research, which can help inform your dissertations.

With regards to employment, it will allow you to understand the wider applicability of sociological research, beyond the confines of the University, and for those of you considering further study – such as a masters degree and, perhaps, a PhD – the series will offer you the chance to speak to academics outside of Sheffield Hallam.


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