Kirti Swift

Project Manager, King’s College London


What did you like about the course?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sheffield Hallam and I feel a great sense of pride to be an alumni of the BA (Hons) Sport Studies course. During my 3 years on the course, I was able to engage with a wide variety of content, designed to focus on a range of issues, contexts and approaches in sport and physical culture.

Through discussion, applying sociological theory, and a flexibility to assessment, the course allowed me to pursue my own socio-cultural gaze and develop my own individual interests alongside the course objectives.

How did the course help you in your chosen profession?

The course provided me with a fantastic grounding and helped identify key academic and professional strengths. This allowed me to go on to complete my MA in Sociology of Sport, which has since shaped my career.

I initially went to work on a number of major sporting events including the London Marathon and football workshops organised by Nike and Adidas. Since then, I have been working as an Assistant Dean and academic performance coach for underperforming students at Hult Business School, before moving to King’s College London to project manage a suite of staff engagement initiatives. Additionally, I continue to lecture in Sociology of Sport as part of Hult’s liberal arts program.

Through both my further academic study and my continued professional development, I have had to objectively analyse and deliver complex information, or support those who need to develop their own space and strengths within academia. The skill sets to do this were fostered and nurtured during my time on the Sports Studies course at Sheffield Hallam.


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